Parents And Hotel Manager Arrested For Manslaughter

British 4-years-old boy has drowned in a swimming pool in Kos, Greece, after falling in while his parents were asleep.

The deceased boy and his family were on an airline (TUI) package holiday to the Atlantica Holiday Village resort when the incident happened.

The child who remains unnamed woke up before his parents on Saturday morning and wandered to the pool.

By the time he was found the little boy was already struggling for life, efforts were made to save him, but they were unsuccessful. The boy died before emergency services could arrive.

The parents of the boy and hotel manager were later arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and endangering the life of a minor.

A spokesman for the Greek police said:

“It is common for next of kin to be arrested in such circumstances but as is always the case, they were not held in police custody and were immediately freed.”


  1. Alabi junaid

    How would a mother leave her baby to wander alone,early in the morning for God’s sake. You telling no one was around the in the hotel to notice the four year old kid? Everything happens for a reason though… R.I.P

  2. Victoria Abraham

    Oh.. Parents should try to be more alert whenever they are around swimming pools or places that pose danger to the children.. Children will always behave like children they are always adventurous

  3. Dennis Asulewon

    Darts very bad…..
    Although it is somehow d parent fault ..becos d parent didnt trained d child and also warned d boy not to go near d swimming pool ….so we parents dis shud sound as a warning to those who have children and dose who are willing to have

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